Microdont Brush

Microdont Brush Disposable Applicators are yet another option for Dental Offices to make life easier for skilled professionals when performing procedures with plaque evidences, desensitizers, adhesives, sealants, eugenol, hemostatic solutions, acid conditioners and fluorides. They are supplied in different colors to facilitate the identification of fibers (regular, thin and extra-thin). The plastic rod, as well as the entire applicator cable, can be bent at any angle, besides having no memory, favors and gives greater accessibility in applications.

Applicator: Regular
Identified by the color BLUE.


Applicator: Fine
Identified by the color Green.

Applicator: Extra Fine
Identified by the color Lilac.



30 years offering the best products for DENTISTRY. Equipment, materials for prophylaxis, tips and drills produced with the most noble raw materials and technology.



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