To aid the dentist Microdonte brings equipment with high technology and performance, which enables work with great results


Prophylactic instruments (CUPS) are produced especially for silicone products for health and are flexible enough to promote the ideal contour of the tooth.
Prophylactic brushes are made with nylon bristles straight and tapered shape, ideal for cleaning the teeth.


its of diamond burs Microdont were designed by dental professionals and cover specific procedures, facilitating the choice of models and their application.

Containers available polycarbonate or aluminum, both self-claváveis.

Silicone Tips

The abrasive silicone polishers to amalgam are specially designed for procedures in precious and non-precious metals and are available in three formats: Cup, torpedo and lentils – four grain sizes: large, medium, fine and extra-fine.


30 years offering the best products for DENTISTRY. Equipment, materials for prophylaxis, tips and drills produced with the most noble raw materials and technology.



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